5 years later in Lanzarote, Tânia and André gave us the pleasure of sharing with us again their commitment to each other. Although this trip was all about celebrating this powerful and truly unique relationship between two people that we genuinely admire we also had to acknowledge what else this milestone means to us. Back in 2013 The Framers were on their absolutely first steps in wedding photography but somehow, with only one friends wedding in our brief career, Tânia and André saw something in our images and invited us to be their wedding photographers. This was our very first booked wedding. The images we created for them were crucial to our beginner’s portfolio and the rest is history. And last but not least, a really special friendship also began in 2013 and now there’s a lot of sushi, board games, travel and even a lot of professional exchange as they’ve also started their journey as wedding photographers themselves. So thank you so much Tânia and André for this fantastic ideia, thank you for taking a chance on us and our photography and thank you so much for your friendship. Cheers to you and specially to the relationship you’ve built throughout these years!

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