We are Filipa and Rodrigo.
We’re from Lisbon, Portugal, and we hold on to our cameras 24/7. THE THING THAT FUELS OUR LIFE IS THE POSSIBILITY TO CAPTURE IT IN IMAGES. We truly can’t live without taking pictures every time and every where. Even when there is no camera around, no phone in our hands, our eyes are always seeking a moment, an angle, something that would make a beautiful and meaningful image.


We are a couple and photography was what brought us together. Our relationship grew as we evolve together as individuals and photographers. We’ve built our style in a completely organic way: we are inspired by so many photographers and other artists but we never aimed to achieve a particular style or even a defined objective in wedding photography. We started as street photographers and the jump to wedding photography was so gradual that we almost didn’t think about it. Today, we can say we have a unique style that we love. WE’RE PASSIONED ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY, ABOUT CAPTURING LIFE AND SMALL MOMENTS THAT OTHERWISE WOULD PASS US BY UNNOTICED. What set us a part is just our history, our experiences and personalities, that is what defines our style.


Our main goal is to make our clients as happy as possible with our pictures, they are the priority. To make this happen we try to educate them in the early stages on what is our approach, what they can expect from us and how they can help us do our best every time. It is really important to us to have a good match between photographers and clients, that is the basis for the best result. We do not think of our selves solely as “artists”, we’re providing a very special service that will have a unique impact in our clients lives forever, we’re creating their wedding memories in pictures, the images they’ll hold forever. So we try really hard at every wedding to capture all major moments but also all those small details that make every wedding unique. And this is why we think we have a pretty good mix between two kinds of approach in wedding photography: couple portraits and a more candid/moment approach. At every wedding we try to create beautiful portraits of the couple in the various moments, memorable images of all important steps in the day (featuring the couple or anyone else attending) but we also try to catch candid moments (fun and/or emotional) as creatively as we can. We love to grasp those small fun moments that could easily be forgotten but once captured generate a reaction in anyone who sees them. EVERY PICTURE WE DELIVER HAS TO BE, SOMEHOW, MEANINGFUL to us and specially to our clients.


We won’t work with shot lists. We won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. We won’t control your timings. We collaborate with wedding planners but they won’t be the point of connection between us, we need to communicate directly in order to build a trusting relationship.

Our pictures were taken by our dearest friend Pedro Verde. Discover his work here.