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We are Filipa and Rodrigo. We’re from Lisbon, Portugal, and we hold on to our cameras 24/7. THE THING THAT FUELS OUR LIFE IS THE POSSIBILITY TO CAPTURE IT IN IMAGES. We truly can’t live without taking pictures every time and every where. Even when there is no camera around, no phone in our hands, our eyes are always seeking a moment, an angle, something that would make a beautiful and meaningful image.

We are a couple and photography was what brought us together. Our relationship grew as we evolve together as individuals and photographers. We’ve built our style in a completely organic way: we are inspired by so many photographers and other artists but we never aimed to achieve a particular style or even a defined objective in wedding photography. We started as street photographers and the jump to wedding photography was so gradual that we almost didn’t think about it. Today, we can say we have a unique style that we love, that reflects our history, our experiences and personalities.

Our main goal is to make our clients as happy as possible with our pictures, they are the priority. To make this happen we try to educate them in the early stages on what is our approach, what they can expect from us and how they can help us do our best every time. It is really important to us to have a good match between photographers and clients, that is the basis for the best result. We do not think of our selves solely as “artists”, we’re providing a very special service that will have a unique impact in our clients lives forever, we’re creating their wedding memories in pictures, the images they’ll hold forever. So we try really hard at every wedding to capture all major moments but also all those small details that make every wedding unique. And this is why we think we have a pretty good mix between two kinds of approach in wedding photography: couple portraits and a more candid/moment approach. At every wedding we try to create beautiful portraits of the couple in the various moments, memorable images of all important steps in the day (featuring the couple or anyone else attending) but we also try to catch candid moments (fun and/or emotional) as creatively as we can.

We won’t work with shot lists (except, of course, a list of family portraits). We won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. We won’t control your timings. We collaborate with wedding planners but they won’t be the point of connection between us, we need to communicate directly in order to build a trusting relationship.

If all of this sounds good to you, reach out!





lisbon tram wedding the framers

\"WOW! This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sending! We love the music you put to the video too. We watched several times and cried tears of joy! (Ok, maybe just I did ;p). Thanks so much again. The photos are absolutely stunning! And what’s even more special, was having your presence there that day. Was such a joy to have you with us, a seamless part of the party. So many of our guests have remarked many times on how lovely you two are and how great it was to meet you! Much love.”

Kiri & Mick

quinta de santana wedding the framers

\"OH MY GOODNESS, THESE PICTURES ARE INSANELY AMAZING!!! We have just been watching the slideshow on repeat and crying at every. single. photo. These are truly the wedding photos of our dreams. Your ability to capture the true emotion of each moment and person is unmatched. We can feel the moment in each picture and it is like getting to relive our day all over again - We couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you SO much for everything. Both of you are incredibly kind and have such positive energies. Working with you felt like spending time with friends and we are grateful that our lives crossed paths for you to be a part of our wedding.\"

Haley & Ben


\"What can we say but WOW... the slideshow is amazing😍 Words can’t describe how happy we are with the photos. The rain made it all that more beautiful😂 and the shots on the vineyard are even better than we could have imagined!

We can’t thank you enough for all you did for us on our day. You made us and our guests feel so comfortable and some of them didn’t even realize you were there. So discreet and professional, you two are a perfect team.

The only bad thing is we don’t get to do this again 😂

Thank you so much again, you made our day an absolute dream come true.\"

AnnMarie & James

quinta de santana wedding the framers

\"I just wanted to send out a sincere thank you for all your time on our wedding day. You captured the day PERFECTLY and I cannot even thank you enough! It is so amazing to have the talent to capture this special event and you both did a great job. I absolutely love the candid nature of the photos and all the fun and love shine through. Also amazing song choice for the slideshow!! Really I am just so overwhelmed and grateful. We did not get a chance to thank you on the day but please know that we are so thrilled with the work and just also enjoyed meeting you both as people.\"

Jane & Jack

areias do seixo wedding the framers

\"First of all, many thanks for being with us at our wedding weekend! You two are very friendly, kind and empathetic people with a very positive attitude and charisma. This is something which we appreciate the most and above all in life and it was a real pleasure to have you with us during our wedding weekend.

Secondly, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for sending us the slideshow with these more than beautiful pictures. The pictures are so full of live and they capture so many beautiful moments in such a beautiful and perfect way, that we really don’t know what to say. They revive our memories in such a nice way. When we watched the slideshow we actually both had to cry, so I guess that means something. The pictures bring all these good moments and the mood of this special day for us to life, so we are really more than thankful for this. We love the pictures in every way!\"

Natalie & Stefan


\"Guys what an AMAZING surprise!!!!

Before I get started on that slide show, can we please tell you how much fun we had with you at our wedding! It was like you were part of the party rather than people just there to work, nearly everybody came up and commented on how incredible you both were! Honestly, we were so blessed to have found you, and are so incredibly happy with the work that you did. Beyond the photos, and your clear talent, we both just think you are great people and that is what makes you so special.

We have watched it so many times, we LOVE your vision - the music, the selection of images, the flow - it is so great! Thank you again for honestly taking some of the most amazing moments of our lives, and capturing them in such a way as to transport us back. That is a gift so few possess.\"

Sophia & Andrew


\"From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! Thank you for the incredible experience to relive this day - for freezing our friends and family in this special glow. It is such a joy each time we look at the pictures. When we first went through them, our emotions ranged from speechless to disbelief to laughing out loud to tears.

You captured everything so perfectly. Your talent is outstanding. We are so happy that we got married in Portugal so that you could document our wedding. Simply amazing.\"

Carla & Rony

silent living wedding alentejo the framers

\"Dear Filipa and Rodrigo,
we literally lost our words, all those pictures are absolutely stunning!
We love your work and we are profoundly happy to know that you have really captured our essence and the feeling of that day, which of course means so much to us.
You have incredible talent and moreover, you are such nice people :)\"

Claudia & Dario


\"We just want to say a massive THANK YOU for our wedding photographs. We adore them and they completely exceeded our expectations.

You really managed to capture the day and night just as we’d hoped - in a natural, candid way with very little posing. (Apart from every time the camera was on our friend Michael haha).

Our family and friends have been sharing the photos and framing them, everyone has been very complimentary about your work. (Apart from the girl who spent half the night on the floor with her ass out hahaha).

Thanks again & keep in touch.\"

Luke & Lee


\"We have just watched our slide show. You have absolutely blown us away with these photos! They are incredible!! I'm stunned and full of emotion! Both of us burst into happy tears afterwards.

Both your talent is absolutely inspirational and incredible. WOW!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you from both of us!!\"

Dena & John



rising star rangefinder

This is Reportage is a respected international competition honoring the art of documentary wedding photography. This is Reportage rewards individual unposed images but also outstanding collections of images that successfully portray the story of a wedding day. Not only we are amongst the both 2021 top 10 photographers and storytellers in the world we are also proud to have been invited to judge one of the firsts rounds of the competition.

Rangefinder Magazine is one of the most respected photography publications in the world and every year, since 2012, their editors compile a 30 Rising Stars list that recognizes and honors wedding photographers who are creating an indelible mark on the industry. We're so completely humbled to say that we were included in the 2017's Rising Stars list, meaning we won not only the nomination but also a feature in the Rf printed publication.




LUZO was born from the idea of sharing and growing in a community. A space that is intimate and familiar but also inspiring and motivational. Not a place for egos, LUZO proposes the exchange of knowledge and transparent information for those who want to embark with us on this very Portuguese adventure. Between its three editions (2018, 2019 & 2021) we've built a community of more than 80 photographers.

Legacy Workshop by the Rangefinder Magazine Grand Prize Winner Muse & Mirror is a unique workshop that, although it targets a more editorial photography style, celebrates and welcomes all kinds of approaches in wedding photography. We're very proud to have been invited to speak at Legacy in 2019 and again in 2022.