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Areias do Seixo wedding photographer


The thing that fuels our life is the possibility to capture it in images. We truly can’t live without taking pictures every time and every where. Even when there is no camera around, no phone in our hands, our eyes are always seeking a moment, an angle, something that would make a beautiful and meaningful image. So we are always seeking for new places, new and different stories to tell with our cameras.

Being both from Portugal, we know how wonderful our country can be and we love to explore it. And Portugal is filled with new and fresh places, with different concepts and eccentric designs. One of those places is Areias do Seixo (check it out here), it is without a doubt a very original and unbelievably beautiful venue. At Areias do Seixo you can experience modern luxury combined with an astonishing diverse nature, with surrounding pine trees, long dunes and beaches, and a perfect view to the sea. We’ve shoot a few weddings there but we would love to come back, we never get tired of this place!

If you came across this page because you are searching for a photographer to shoot your wedding, your elopement, your family or even just a day in your everyday life, please explore our portfolio. If you like what you see, if you think that our photographic approach is the best way to capture your life, leave us message!

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