Wedding albums

The best way to enjoy your favorite pictures of your wedding day is to hold them in your hands. Digital photography is great but we all know how easy it is to just archive your photos and postpone printing your favorites. With a physical album like the ones we offer, you can collect your own photo selection in a beautiful and high quality product. The albums are made from scratch and everything is customizable, from the cover color and fabric to the pagination itself. For more information, get in touch with us.



Wedding album: 30x30cm – 60 pages
Wedding album cover engraving of the couple’s names and/or date (one line – different colors available)
Various fabrics to choose from for the album cover
Wedding album box (with the same fabric and engraving of the wedding album)
Wedding album replicas for parents, other relatives and friends: 20x20cm
We offer the white fabric bags to protect the albums when you don’t order a wedding album box



The wedding album design is made by us but you choose the pictures to be included. From your selection of about 120 images, we’ll make the design and send you the mockup for your approval. We’ll also send you the list of pictures that didn’t make the cut so you can check if there’s one or more that you really want to include. To help you select the images, here a list of hints:
– we always try to start the album with photos that concern both of you, for example a photo of the rings or the venue;
– we always try to respect the chronology of the events although sometimes we can change one or another photo, as long as it’s not to obviously out of order;
– per page, we try to keep the same theme (bride’s preparation, groom’s preparation, ceremony, decorations, etc …), so we recommend taking this into account when choosing the pictures;
– for aesthetic reasons, we try not to mix black and white photographs with colored pictures, so don’t worry about choosing photos in b&w;
– when there are formal pictures of guests, we try to reunite them all in one page so that you do not lose much space with this. The photos can be a bit smaller but not too much;
– when there are photos of the venue, decorations and stationary we also try to reunite them on the same page, so if this was something that you loved you can include these photos in your selection;
– we usually give more prominence to the bride and groom’s portraits, that is, we use more pages in this theme with bigger photos in general;
– we try to finish the album with one or two photos that have a bit more impact, usually the bride and groom dancing or the party in general, even if this does not respect the chronology of events.